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Heating Ultrasonic Water Bath 180 Liter

AL 04-18-230


AL 04-18-230 Heating Ultrasonic Water Bath 180 Liter

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Available in heated and unheated versions.

Sandwich performance transducer systems.

Housing made of stainless steel, easy to keep hygienically clean.

Degas function for the efficient degassing of the cleaning liquid and for special laboratoy applications.

Auto-Degas function for an automatic degassing cycle, e.g. after freshly mixed cleaning liquid has been filled.

Quick drain on the unit back (5.75L / 12.75L / 28L).

Heating, safe to run dry*.

Temperature-controlled ultrasound*: Cleaning process starts automatically when preset temperature is reached.

The cleaning liquid is stirred regularly during heating up allowing a uniform temperature in the bath.

Indication of remaining cleaning time via diodes.

Splashwater-proof operating panel.

Plastic carrying handles (5.75L, 12.75L, 28L).

Automatic switch-off after 12 hrs operation (if no buttons have been activated in this period) to prevent

unintended permanent operation.


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