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AL 02-08-100


AL 02-08-100 Fully Automatic Autoclave 85 Liter Vertical

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8,923.00 CHF

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Display of temperature, pressure and time with a visible & acoustic alarm

Temperature and pressure are controlled through sensors. Temperature sensor on a flexible cable, which can be

used in chamber as well as inside liquid or media reference bottles

Pressure dependent door lock - Prevents door opening when under pressure

Programs - 6 individual standard programs available

Sterilisation Parameters - Temperature and time are freely selectable; Temperature can be set between 60 and

137ºC. Sterilisation time can be set from 1-99 minutes. Pre-selected parameters remain programmed until altered.

Temperature-dependent door lock - In conjunction with temperature control in a reference bottle, the system

prevents the door from being opened until the temperature is below a specified level, thereby preventing delayed

boiling (as specified by technical safety regulations, in compliance with European and International standards).

Water level safety device - Prevents the autoclave from being heated up if insufficient water is available for steam generation.


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